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An application with the city’s Design Review Board – Urban Panel shows the design and materials intended for use on an office building on the camperdown project site. The building under review sits on the main street side, at the lower end of the property along Japanese Dogwood Lane.

The plans don’t specifically state what will go in this building, but it’s labeled as Office Building 2, so it’s a safe bet, the majority of it will be filled with office space, and the ground level floors will likely operate as retail space. But the second tier at the top of the building has a smaller footprint, with a rooftop garden area. Could the second tier on top be luxury condos?

The original DRB Certificate of Appropriateness Application can be viewed here.

This building is part of the larger Camperdown project on the site of the old Greenville News Building along Main street between Broad street and Japanese Dogwood Lane. See More details on the Camperdown Project.

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