A gravel base for a new extension of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail will soon make for an easier ride to Hampton Station. While taking the detour to the Mac-n-Cheese off at Birds Fly South Ale Project over the weekend we noticed a gravel bed had been put down very close to the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, that leads right to Hampton Station. The extension is planned to continue on past Hampton Station, underneath the Pete Hollis Boulevard Bridge and on to the Old Poe Mill Site.

We’re hoping that rather than utilizing W. Washington street to access the new extension, that a shortcut will be built to connect directly to the new section of the trail, however, that would require a pedestrian bridge, which can be very costly.

No word on when the new extension will open, but the gravel bed looks to be ready for asphalt, which could happen very quickly.

Light Green line is the current route from the Prisma Health SRT to the new extension. Dark Green line is what would be a likely shortcut to avoid using West Washington street.

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