A planned QuikTrip gas station on Laurens road, just a few blocks from Willy Taco and the Spinx Headquarters is facing a growing opposition from Residents of the nicholtown neighborhood. Developers are trying to get two parcels of land between mcadoo and underwood converted to commercial designation so the gas station can be built. QuikTrip has not submitted plans to the city for their store design, but it would likely not differ from the existing stores in the ustate.

We’ve heard rumors that spinx and quiktrip had an agreement that QT wouldn’t build stores in the upstate if Spinx wouldn’t expand into georgia, and that Spinx has a tendency to purchase as much as the land as possible around it’s gas stations to ensure competition can’t move in on popular corners. Obviously that hasn’t happened.

Will the gas station be bad for the neighborhood? Residents think so. In fact they’ve setup a Private Facebook Group with 64 members, likely to organize their opposition.