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Many traditional tasks that were once thought to be dead are on the rise in popularity again. With a new shop, London Fog Stitchery owner, Danni Ertter is sharing her expert skills with Greenville through knit clinics and classes. London Fog Stitchery is located on Stone Avenue and is truly a haven for anyone interested in knitting.  In addition to being a social hub for knitters of all skill levels, you can find yarn, needles and other helpful accessories that are specific to the craft.

Danni Ertter, London Fog Stitcher Owner

Danni Ertter, London Fog Stitcher Owner

Danni attended the Waldorf School in New York, where she first learned to knit. After college, when working a stressful job, she picked up knitting for fun and to help to relieve some stress from work. Since then, she has rarely put down her needles. (We can vouch for this!)  In addition to relieving stress, she says the craft has led her to meet some amazing people – including several very close friends.

Whether you’re looking to make some new friends or learn a new craft, it’s worth popping by Danni’s shop.  From personal experience, Danni is a wonderfully patient teacher, a kind soul, and a hilarious true New Yorker.  I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together and am sure you will too.  We’re looking forward to seeing her shop and the knitting community in Greenville flourish!


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