This odd-looking building is the remains of Yap! Malaysian Restaurant. According to Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate, the space is up for lease in the two-story building, which has 3600 sq ft on the bottom floor and 6000 sq ft on the top floor.

No word on why Yap shut down in such a high traffic area of main street despite 78 reviews on Yelp with an average 4.5/5 stars.

Our guess would be there just wasn’t enough business to cover the rent. which at the rates on the Lee & Associates website ($35/sqft/year) would be over $10k per month for just the bottom floor. I do recall eating there early on when they had a sort of buffet setup for lunch, which I think was later done away with. The food seemed ok, but the restaurant was very dark on the inside, it seemed to be better suited as a bar.

If you hear anything through the grapevine on what might become of this space, drop us a tip.

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