A new form of relaxation is now open in Greenville thanks to Drift Float & Spa, which will feature float tanks as a service. The tanks (also known as isolation tanks)  are lightless, soundproof tanks filled with salt water at skin temperature, in which individuals float.

The Drift website claims their flotation tanks provide health benefits such as Pain Management, Mental Health Improvement, Increased Immune Function, and the ability to Get to Know Yourself, Unlock Your Creativity, and Enhance your Athletic Abilities.

They offer a range of membership options, as well as single-use passes. A single-use pass to float for 60 minutes costs $70. They also offer infrared saunas, and an oxygen bar.

We’ve heard of them before, but never tried one, and excited that we now have one in Greenville.  The spa will be located in the Main & Stone Apartment Complex between Two Chefs and Ji-Roz, but the entrance is on the back side of the building near the parking deck.

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