A new hotel is coming to Hampton Station, but this one caters exclusively to your four-legged friends. The Noble Dog hotel, which offers “Suites” ranging from $47 to $69 per night, give your dog a life of luxury in their own private suite, and access to a private chef.

When you’re out of town, you can access a webcam of your dog, and you’ll get a “pupdate” photo each day. There are also a la carte add-ons for video calls with your dog, and one-on-one play sessions where the hotel staff will play with your dog exclusively for twenty minutes.

According to the owner, The Noble Dog Hotel, a five star dog hotel and resort, offers a luxurious canine facility dedicated to providing guest satisfaction by rendering excellent 24/7 guest service, quality pet care, and furnishing an upscale, fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere. Noble Dog offers private luxury suites with webcams, room service, daily group play in our fitness center, and a relaxing spa.

Our mission is to significantly reduce the stress of both dog and parent by providing a comfortable, safe, and loving environment for all of our canine guests.

We are committed to the unconditional bond between human and dog.

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