A new brewery opening up in the West End promises a taste of your perfect beer, and we’re inclined to believe them with the science at work here.

So here’s how it works: You give a small sample of blood and they analyze it for genetic markers that supposedly indicate what kind of beer you like. Sort of like that 23andme.com commercial, we guess?

They claim they can analyze your DNA and figure out exactly what characteristics of beer you like, then they magically mix together a bunch of beer bases to create a pint of your perfect beer for $8.

I used to think people were crazy for camping out in front of Best Buy for days before black friday, but I’m starting to think you might actually find me in a tent camped outside of this place before it opens.

It costs $24.95 to get your blood drawn and analyzed, and another $8 per pint of your “perfect beer” you order.

The company appears to be german, marking Helix Brewlab AG in the footer.  AG is basically the german equivalent of a corporation in America.

They appear to have no social media pages, nothing except this fairly sad looking website with a cool video on how the whole thing works.

Weigh in on facebook and let us know if you plan to hand over a sample of your blood in exchange for your perfect beer.

April Fools

As awesome as this would be, we made it up. For now, you’ll have to find your perfect beer the old fashioned way: by trying them all.