A new dining room and pick-up window is opening for Farm Fresh Fast. The company does gourmet, ready-made meal delivery and pickup to the upstate, and will now offer a traditional dining experience.

The menu is pictured below and will change weekly, and even throughout the week, depending on what is in season according to Jonathan Willis, Founding Director of Farm Fresh Fast.. They’ll do specials as different things come in. The normal menu is available every day except wednesday, when they do breakfast for dinner.

All of their ready-made meals will be prepared in and in coolers so someone can come in and grab a fresh meal to go. Farm Fresh Fast will also serve Bucci Kambucha and Kuka Juice.

The pick-up window will be for ready-made meals and drinks only, but Willis says they’re averaging 10 minute ticket times, so you can be in an out in under 15 minutes with a freshly-made meal.

We got to try it out thursday, and that Almost Heaven Burger was out of this world (Hint: add a duck egg to it). The owners are super-nice and already thinking of ways they can get involved with the community.

From the Farm Fresh Fast Website:

The food we eat matters. Food affects our health and wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich, whole foods helps us live a stronger, longer, healthier life. At Farm Fresh Fast, our team of dedicated, enthusiastic, good-food fanatics are devoted to providing the highest level of service and best-tasting meals for our clients.

Our customers do not have to give up delicious food to eat a healthy diet. FFF’s ‘Next Level’ program uses no artificial flavors, colors, no dairy, no added sugars, and no soy.