Just in time for summer – the creme shack – which is getting ready for it’s grand opening in the old Chocolate Moose building on main street, across the street from Mast General Store. They feature “Rolled Ice Cream” in 15 base flavors – or you can create your own, and then pile on additional toppings, giving you a new option to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer.

What is rolled ice cream?

It’s a trend started in asia that is quickly becoming popular in the states. The process is started with a flavored milk-based liquid onto a very cold metal circle – usually cooled by dry ice or a refrigerant system that can cool the metal plate to well below zero degrees. As the liquid freezes, paddles are used to manipulate the liquid – sort of like kneading bread. (check out the attached instagram video to see the process)

#rolledicecream has already got 20k photos on instagram, and we expect it to be an instagram staple in greenville this summer.