Bite Squad is a Restaurant Delivery Service, basically providing food delivery for restaurants that don’t have their own delivery drivers. Through a simple, clean interface, you can order your meal from a few dozen restaurants and have it delivered to your door for a small delivery fee. It’s similar to the 864 To Go service that has been around awhile. Check out the list of available restaurants here.

We ordered some food from Koi Asian Bistro on Pelham Road. It was delivered about 15 minutes sooner than they originally anticipated, so that was great, but we did get shorted a sushi roll on our order. Hard to tell if it was an error on Bite Squad’s part, or the restaurant.

If you want to give Bite Squad a shot, here’s a referral code to get $5 off your first order.

Bonus: Dinner and a 10 Cent Movie

If you’re looking for something to watch while you eat dinner, you may want to check out Vudu, Wal-mart’s online streaming competition to Netflix. They have a decent selection of movies and shows that can be watched for free if you watch a couple of ads, or you can rent and stream directly. We signed up last week and they were running a promotion, where your first rental was 10 cents.

Check your Smart Tv, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, or streaming device of your choice to see if Vudu is supported.



  • Cashless Transaction
  • Good Restaurant Selection
  • ETAs are Pretty Accurate


  • Checkout Process Cumbersome
Ease of Use

Final Verdict

Awesome service for those days where you want a great meal, but don't feel like getting off the couch.