Welcome. This scavenger hunt has 12 clues to spots downtown.

Before we get started, here's a few notes to help you with the game overall:

  • The game doens't take you into any businesses, all clues are outside on streets and public areas.
  • The majority of the clues are on the west side of main street (the side the peace center, westin poinsett, and OP Taylor Toy Store are on)
  • If you get stuck or give up on one, hit the 'Get a Clue' Button which will reveal a very obvious hint that should get you past.
  • Watch for traffic, bikes and other people.

Ok, Time to get started, go to the "Orbital Trio" Statue at NoMa Square.

Hint for Stop #1

Who is the man of the people? Your Search Area is NoMa Square on both sides of Main Street.

I'm Stuck. Give me a Hint.